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National Program on the Improvement of Ecological State of the Dnipro River Basin and Quality of Drinking Water (adopted 27.02.97)



I. General Provisions

II. Main goals of the Program and terms of its implementation

III. Current ecological state of the Dnipro river basin.

(1. General hydrological and water resources data. 2.Use of water resources. 3.Disposal of wastes. 4.State of underground waters. 5.Radioactive pollution.   6.Negative natural phenomena. 7.State of small rivers. 8.Water quality.9.Principles and initial steps of water ecological and water economic policy regarding the reservoirs of the Dnipro cascade. 

IV. Main directions of the improvement of ecological state of the Dnipro river basin.

V. Stages of solution of the Programís tasks and terms of their performance.

VI. Priority tasks and complex of measures subject to major directions and expected results of their implementation.

1.Protection of surface and underground waters from the pollution.2.Ecologically safe use of water resources. 3.Renewal and maintenance of favorable hydrological state of rivers and measures directed to prevent harmful effect of waters activity. 4. Implementation of basin principle of the management of water use, protection and resources renewal. 5. Improvement of drinking water quality. 6. Decrease of influence of radiation pollution.

VII. Scientific and technical base of the Program.

VIII. Approximate calculations of value of the Programís implementation and source of its financing.

IX. Mechanisms of implementation and financing of the Program and control over its performance.

(1.Legislative and legal base. 2.Economic mechanism. 3.Organizational mechanism. 4.Control over the Programís performance.)

X. International Cooperation.

XI. Ecological training, education and provision of information to the society.