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IDF is the environmental-charitable (non-profit) organization, created in Ukraine for the purpose of attraction and accumulation of intellectual and financial resources for the fulfillment of the tasks of the National Program of Environmental Sanitation of River Dnipro Basin and Drinking Water Quality Improvement.

Within the framework of the tasks of the National Program IDF cooperates both with governmental organizations and the Ministry for Environmental Protection and Nuclear Safety (MEPNS) of Ukraine in the first place and with non-governmental and non-state organizations. It has experience of cooperation with MEPNS of Ukraine on realization of the projects of Ukrainian-Canadian Program: “Development of Environmental Management in Ukraine (River Dnipro Basin)”

Within the framework of this Program, the methodology of project management on the environmental protection activity was elaborated and projects on implementation of environmental audit at enterprises of different branches of Ukraine and of complex of measures on environmental production modernization is being carried out. Correspondingly educational-practical manuals on environmental audit and environmental production modernization were published.

IDF pays much practical attention to the development of environmental enterprise, consulting, management with accounting of recommendations of the international standards of the series ISO 14000. With the participation of IDF the Regional Association of Environmental Equipment Producers were created.

IDF has created broad basin network of departments, on which the decision of the program tasks at the local level has been placed. IDF is cooperating with the organizations of Russian Federation and Byelorussia on solution of Dnipro Basin problems.

IDF is situated in Kyiv, Ukraine


address: 44 Volodymyrska St., 252034 Kyiv


tel: (044)221-13-49, 224-14-31, 462-03-04


tel/fax: (044)462-03-04


E-mail: Navrotsk@idf.kiev.ua