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Atmospheric air

The state of the atmospheric air pollution in the cities and towns of Ukraine was assessed from the data of observations carried out in 54 cities at 166 stationary posts, and at two stations of transboundary transfer.

The atmospheric air contained 34 pollutants, including heavy metals. A large volume of samples (about 60%) included the most spread substances: dust, sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide. Maximum permissible concentrations diurnal average and maximum single concentrations were introduced to assess the degree of the air pollution. Annual average concentrations of pollutants were used in comparative analysis of the atmospheric pollution.

Annual average concentrations of specific polluting substances in the cities where observations were performed exceeded maximum permissible concentrations of formaldehyde 2.2 times, benzapyrene 1.8 times and phenol 1.3 times.

Annual average content of benzapyrene in atmospheric air of cities in Ukraine in 1998, multiple to maximum permissible concentration

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The content of ammonia and hydrogen fluoride was close to the maximum permissible concentration. Average content of nitrogen dioxide was 1.3 times the maximum permissible concentration, and dust content corresponded to the latter (Table 4.1.)

The highest pollution of atmospheric air was observed in Donetsk, Odesa, Dniepropetrovsk, Gorlivka, Dzerzhinsk, Mariupol, Makyivka, Zaporizhia, Lutsk, Lugansk, Cherkasy, Yenakievo, Dnieprodzerzhinsk and Slovyansk. The high level of pollution in these cities was mostly caused by a high content of specific polluting substances and nitrogen dioxide (Table 4.2.).

A certain decrease of pollution of atmospheric air in terms of content of impurities as compared to 1997 was observed both in Ukraine as a whole and in separate cities.

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