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Programmes and projects

 Draft State Programme for Toxic Waste Management

 This programme was recently designed and has been reviewed by the Ukrainian Government as well as the Supreme Council. Covering the period 1998-2005, its main goal is to increase the level of environmental safety in Ukraine by decreasing the generation of toxic wastes and limiting their harmful influence on the environment and human health. One of the primary measures is an inventory of toxic wastes allocation. Creation of small-scale utilization and a network of toxic waste dumping enterprises at the regional level will be another important step.

 The government has also created the National Centre of Hazardous Wastes Management to provide organization and implementation of scientific, technical and technological events in the waste management sphere. The success of the Programme depends on two factors: an existence of appropriate funds for realization of all planned events; and awareness-raising of the general public in the field of ecology. The Parliament is expected to investigate the above-mentioned Programme in the first half of 1999. Currently the draft law of Ukraine “On hazardous wastes” is also being prepared.

 State programme on the use of wastes of production and consumption for the period up to 2005

 This Programme (Cabinet of Ministers Decree No. 688 of 28 June 1997) is aimed at the design and support of modern technologies, storehouses and equipment, and also on the creation of industrial capacities for waste utilization in accordance with present economic, environmental protection and social aspects. The Programme will also provide an opportunity for public and private enterprises to resolve recycling problems under the conditions of a market economy.


 Effective waste management in Ukraine requires certain conditions. An internally harmonized and balanced legislative base for all activities at all levels of management, taking proper measures according to the Programme to reach intended goals, and a system of institutions with strictly separated competition are needed.

  Waste producer, owner and public awareness concerning waste management instruments should be increased. And finally there is a need for well-functioning equipment for waste utilization, processing and dumping. This last factor depends on  valuable funds to provide necessary research and elaboration and also for the construction of a considerable number of new installations and for the modernization of existing ones.

 It will take some time before these objectives are achieved, but the Law of Ukraine “On waste” is definitely a considerable step in the right direction.


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