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Strategy of waste management

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 The goals and objectives of regulation in the sphere of waste management have been formulated in the legislative act “Main aspects of the national policy on environmental protection, utilization of natural resources, and guarantee of environmental safety” (1998)  and are aimed at effective use of natural resources, environment protection and proper environmental management. An evaluation of waste products in accordance with the technical potential of waste management, recycling possibilities, and modern aspects of resource usage is supposed to conducted.

 Realization of the main objectives in environmental management is aimed at waste minimization by means of the introduction of clean technologies, decreasing the quantities of toxic wastes, and rehabilitation of the polluted areas. And, finally, the programme design is supposed to be a part of methodological and organizational tasks stated in “Main aspects ...”. This programme will include measures of administrative, legislative, organizational and environment-protective nature, and also the required scientific, informative and analytical component.

 The main purpose of waste management is the organization of a complex system to deal with waste accumulation, transportation and disposal by means of industrial methods and valuable components in accordance with environmental protection requirements. The main objectives required for solving this problem are based on:

  •  Implementation of new technologies for domestic waste collecting and separation of valuable components, as well as implementation of technologies for waste utilization;
  •  Development of an industrial recycling programme for domestic wastes.


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