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Pollution of sea waters

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Observations of the state of pollution of the Black Sea coastal waters were carried out in Sukhyi liman and its approaches, in the ports of Odesa and Yalta, in the Alupka, Alushta and Gurzuf gulfs, in the Sevastopol bay, the Danube delta, in the Southern Bug estuary, and in the Bug liman.

On the Sea of Azov observations were carried out in water area of the port of Mariupol, its outer roadstead, in Utlyuk liman, and in the northern narrowing of the Kerch Strait.

Water quality in the Black Sea and Sea of Azov was characterized by the level of pollution by petroleum hydrocarbons (PH), phenols, synthetic surfactants, chlororganic pesticides (ChOP), polychlorbiphenyls (PChB), nitrogen compounds, total phosphorus, as well as the existence of oxygen diluted in water ( Table 4.5).

The level of pollution of sea waters was essentially affected by accidental discharges from ships, and constant agricultural and industrial domestic discharges into the sea.

In accordance with a complex assessment of water quality for toxic substances, waters in the Southern Bug River mouth and in the Bug liman were classified as highly impure; the Danube River delta and Sevastopol bay waters as impure; waters in Sukhoi liman and its approaches as polluted; waters in the Yalta and Alupka gulfs as moderately polluted; and waters in the Gurzuf Gulf as pure.

The quality of the water in the Sevastopol bay, Danube River delta and the open part of the Alupka Gulf had deteriorated in comparison to 1997. Water quality in the Gurzuf Gulf and open part of the Yalta Gulf had improved.

Waters in the Sea of Azov in the northern narrowing of the Kerch strait and in the water area of the port of Mariupol were classified as impure; waters in the outer roadstead of the port of Mariupol were classified as polluted.

The quality of waters in the northern narrowing of the Kerch strait and in the outer roadstead of the port of Mariupol has become slightly worse as compared to 1997.


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