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Nuclear and radiation safety

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This part contains analysis of nuclear and radiation safety at installations where nuclear energy is generated, where radioactive waste (RW) is handled, and where sources of ionizing radiation (SIR) are used.

Nuclear power is an important part of the energy complex of Ukraine. At present, nuclear power stations‘ (NPS) energy output equals 75,239 million kilowatt-hours, which is more than 43% of the total energy production. 14 energy units at 5 NPSs are in use. 4 energy units at Rivenska NPS and at Khmelnitska NPS are under construction. 2 energy units at Chernobyl NPS (units No. 1 and No. 2) are being prepared for shutdown.
Chernobyl NPS (‘Ukrittia’), uranium ore mining and processing enterprises close to Zhovti Vody and research reactors in Kyiv and Sevastopol are under constant surveillance from a radiation safety point of view.

Spent nuclear fuel

Ukraine does not have any national or regional storage for spent nuclear fuel except one local storage at the territory of Chernobyl NPS. Spent nuclear fuel from NPSs with VVER-type reactors is transported to Russia for recycling and burial. Work to build storage facilities for spent nuclear fuel has begun at Zaporizhska NPS. A complex programme of solving Ukrainian NPSs nuclear fuel cycle problems is being prepared. A major part of this programme is dedicated to RW problems.


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