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Dynamics of toxic waste accumulation in Ukraine (thousand tn) and allocation of toxic waste accumulation in regions (% of total amount)

1998 was a key year in the development of a modern legislative base for waste management. In March 1998 the Parliament of Ukraine approved two basic acts concerning the state policy on environmental protection, namely the Law of Ukraine “On waste” and “Main aspects of the national policy on environmental protection, utilization of natural resources, and guarantee of environmental safety” in which the goals and objectives in the waste management sphere are properly formulated.

One of the main tasks is the creation of a united integrated waste management system which would include and apply to all governing levels. In order to achieve this objective, some legislative, normative, technical, economical, informational and organizational key factors should be implemented.

In general, 1998 saw a continuation of the accumulation of waste materials due to a low level of waste utilization in the industrial as well as in the housekeeping sector, though it decreased in comparison with the previous years. As of 1 January 1999 the total amount of accumulated toxic wastes in Ukraine was 4.2 billion tons, which is approximately 52 million tons more than as of 1 January 1998 (corrected data of the State Statistical Committee, Table 3.33)


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