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Dynamics of fish catch

Dynamics of harvesting fish and sea foods from

the Sea of Azov and the Black Sea by Ukraine in 1991-1998, tons.

Image "Dynamics of Fish Catch"


Dynamics of fish catch in Dnieper cascade reservoirs

in the period 1981-1998 (tons).

Image "Fishery"

This information about the fish catch and harvesting of sea foods from the Sea of Azov shows the condition of the stocks of the species. At the same time the catch indicators of the Black Sea show the dynamics of economic possibilities of fishing organization and one level of catch calculation more than the condition of stocks of commercial value.

Among industrial fishing objects in the Black Sea there has been a tendency towards a yearly catch increase of the Black Sea kalkan and mollusk rapana, the supply of which is very good. The increasing catch volumes is connected with great demand in other countries. All rapana production has been exported


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