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Emission dynamics of polluting substances from stationary sources

Image "Air Emission"

On the whole, a decrease in the total volume of pollutants emissions from stationary sources was observed in Ukraine over the last years. For the period 1994-1998 emissions of polluting substances into the atmospheric air from stationary sources decreased by 2,045,100 tons (33%).

In 1998 stationary pollution sources in Ukraine emitted 4,156,300 tons of harmful substances, which is 8% less than in 1997.

The same tendency towards a decrease in emissions of polluting substances into the atmospheric air in 1998 was also observed in the regions and cities of Ukraine. In 1998 the highest decrease in emissions from stationary sources as compared to the previous year was recorded in Zakarpattya (51%), Sumy (40%), Ternopil (35%) and Zytomyr (29%) regions, in the Autonomous Republic of the Crimea (24%), and also in Lugansk, Odesa and Rivne regions (21%).

Emissions of polluting substances were reduced in 1998 as compared to 1997 in certain cites, among them Drogobych (65%), Konotop (32%), Kerch (31%), Gorlivka (29%), Lysychansk (26&), Lugansk (24%), Kirovograd and Alchevsk (22%), Druzhkivka, Sevastopol and Simferopol (21%), and Vinnytsa, Energodar, Yevpatoriya, Severodonetsk and Kharkiv (20%).

At the same time there was a rise of emissions of polluting substances in certain cities, which caused a worsening of the fuel balance (increase in the share of coal and oil fuel burnt at power plants). So, in 1998, as compared to 1997, emissions of polluting substances into the atmospheric air increased in the town of Bila Tserkva by 28%, Kremenchug by 21%, Uman by 18%, Rivne by 17%, Slovyansk by 16%, Berdyansk by 12%, and Lutsk by 11% (Table 3. 1).

The total emission volume from enterprises of the Donetsk-Prydniprovya region remains rather high and makes up 8.1% of the total volume of emissions in the country. Especially high volumes of emissions were recorded in the cites of Kryvyi Rig (10.1%), Mariupol (7.8%), Donetsk (5.0%), Zaporizhzhia (3.3%), Dnieprodzerzhynsk (2.9%), Enakiyeve (2.6%), Dniepropetrovsk and Alchevsk (2.4%), Lugansk (2.3%), and Debaltseve (2.2%) (Table 3.2).


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